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Wildfire debris pollutes drinking water » Yale Climate Connections

The largest wildfire in New Mexico’s state history burned over 300,000 acres in the summer of 2022 and came within

Utility workers are seeing the consequences of increasingly extreme weather firsthand » Yale Climate Connections When extreme rain hits, water utility workers need to respond quickly to keep communities safe from flooding, sewer overflows,

Wet winter won’t fix Colorado River woes » Yale Climate Connections

Snowpack has been running well above average this winter across the Colorado River watershed. It’s a rare bright spot after

Connecticut program helps 15,000 households a year cut their utility bills » Yale Climate Connections In the winter, many Connecticut residents have to pay high utility bills. Energy rates in the state are above

Una organización de justicia climática afronta el calor urbano y más con una campaña en Maricopa, Arizona » Yale Climate Connections

[In English] El calor es un problema grave en Arizona, especialmente en Phoenix: es una de las ciudades que más

Climate justice organization tackles urban heat and more in Arizona’s Maricopa county » Yale Climate Connections

[en Español] Heat is a serious problem in Arizona, especially in Phoenix — one of the fastest-warming cities in the

Is climate change affecting the polar vortex? » Yale Climate Connections In 2021, a cold wave swept across the U.S., bringing freezing temperatures as far south as Texas. Millions of

Study finds vast disparities in how heat affects Phoenix residents » Yale Climate Connections In Phoenix, Arizona, temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit more than 100 days each year, and the city is rapidly

Dozens of billion-dollar weather disasters hit Earth in 2022 » Yale Climate Connections

The planet was besieged by 42 billion-dollar weather disasters in 2022, and the total damage wrought by weather disasters was

Extreme rainfall exacerbates pollution threat from Oklahoma Superfund site » Yale Climate Connections For generations, the ground beneath Ottawa County, Oklahoma, was mined for lead and zinc. The mines closed half a

Climate change is increasing the risk of a California megaflood » Yale Climate Connections

A sequence of nine atmospheric rivers hammered California during a three-week period in January 2023, bringing over 700 landslides, power

Want to take action on climate change? These books can help. » Yale Climate Connections

At the beginning of a new year, commentators of all sorts invite us to look back at the year just

Can EVs meet the needs of rural drivers? Increasingly, the answer is yes. » Yale Climate Connections Vermont has more miles of dirt roads than paved roads, and driving in winter can be treacherous. “In Vermont,

If a megaflood strikes California, these dams might be at risk » Yale Climate Connections

Should a megaflood similar to the Great Flood of 1861-62 hit California, there is good news and bad news regarding

Simple energy-saving tips for winter » Yale Climate Connections In many parts of the country, winter is a time for curling up by a crackling fire, bundling up

How a megaflood could swamp California’s Central Valley » Yale Climate Connections

When early settlers came to the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers before the California Gold Rush, Indigenous people

Tree thinning in dense forests could bolster Western snowpack, researchers suggest » Yale Climate Connections In the Pacific Northwest, melting mountain snowpack slowly runs off into streams and rivers, providing water for the region

Seattle-area agency distributes free air filtration kits to low-income residents » Yale Climate Connections When wildfires burn in the Pacific Northwest, smoke can drift into the Seattle area and linger there. “We’re kind

Myths about fossil fuels and renewable energy are circulating again. Don’t buy them. » Yale Climate Connections

A large and growing fraction of U.S. residents understands that human-caused climate change is a significant problem in need of

People are building artificial beaver dams in drought-stricken Montana » Yale Climate Connections In southwest Montana, landowners, volunteers, and others are wading into streams and piling up sticks, branches, and sod to