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Zombie climate myths that refuse to die (feat. Bob Henson) » Yale Climate Connections

Meteorologist Alexandra Steele breaks down the undead myths about climate change — so you can recognize them when they come

Is marijuana bad for the climate? » Yale Climate Connections

As a growing number of states legalize marijuana, cannabis businesses are ramping up. But cannabis is often grown in indoor

Cómo cargar un vehículo eléctrico si no eres dueña de una casa » Yale Climate Connections

En julio de 2023, mi confiable Prius recorrió su último kilómetro. Esperaba que el híbrido resistiera unos años más hasta

‘At least I didn’t make things awkward’ » Yale Climate Connections

Tagged: Tom Toro Tom Toro is a cartoonist and author. He has published over 200 cartoons in The New Yorker

Climate change could shorten the life span of U.S. bridges » Yale Climate Connections

The U.S. has more than 600,000 bridges, and they’re not made to last forever. Mahmoud: “They’re designed for a specific

Michael Mann beat his defamers. But climate scientists are still under attack. » Yale Climate Connections

Earlier this month, a Washington, D.C., jury held climate deniers liable for their falsehoods — a first, anywhere. The jury

Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Matlacha and Pine Island Fishing Report – Cape Coral Fishing Charters

Finally, some warm weather!!! Looks like we may be nearing the end of this terrible winter weather and starting what

I’m a doctor. Here’s what Western medicine misunderstands about nature. » Yale Climate Connections

I still flush with embarrassment when I relive the moment. It was 20 years ago. I was a shy medical

High schoolers helped develop Tuscon’s climate action plan » Yale Climate Connections

In the past few years, young people have made headlines with their fight against climate change. The Arizona Youth Climate

What you need to know before you buy garden perennials this spring » Yale Climate Connections

As spring approaches, many gardeners are looking for new perennials to add to their collections. As the climate warms, some

We must cut carbon from industry. Here’s how we can do it. » Yale Climate Connections

In “Zero-Carbon Industry: Transformative Technologies and Policies to Achieve Sustainable Prosperity,” Jeffrey Rissman focuses on how to cut carbon-warming pollution

What’s behind this winter’s U.S. snow drought? » Yale Climate Connections

It’s not that the United States has been entirely bereft of snow during what’s likely to end up as the

Converting vacant offices to apartments would be a win for the climate » Yale Climate Connections

In many cities, formerly lively business districts are eerily quiet. For years, office vacancies have been increasing. And since the

All this climate data is wild » Yale Climate Connections

An elephant seal dives deeper than 1,000 meters below Antarctic waters with a tiny tag affixed to its fur, helping

Climate books for Black History Month » Yale Climate Connections

To win allies for climate action, activists must understand how the environment, intersects with concerns for the health and well-being

Young people push for a Green New Deal for schools across the U.S. » Yale Climate Connections

Many young people want their schools to help prepare them to face the climate crisis. So students in the Sunrise

Nuevos programas federales podrían aliviar las elevadas facturas de calefacción de los hogares » Yale Climate Connections

A medida que bajan las temperaturas, las facturas de calefacción se aumentan. Pero los nuevos programas disponibles gracias a la

How much carbon can farmers store in their soil? Nobody’s sure. » Yale Climate Connections

Dirt, it turns out, isn’t just worm poop. It’s also a humongous receptacle of carbon, some 2.5 trillion tons of

The West is losing snowpack. That’s a problem for water management. » Yale Climate Connections

Across much of the American West, mountain snowpack acts as nature’s water towers. The snow accumulates in winter. Then it

Your guide to 2024’s best environmental films » Yale Climate Connections

In Nevada City, California, an environmental film festival kicked off to good news when the gold country community decisively rejected