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SWFL Current Weather

Live Weather Conditions
Temp: °FWind: mph
Index: °FGust: mph
Rate: °F/hrDirection:
Hum: %Beaufort:
Dew Pt: °FHigh Gust: mph
Chill:--- °FRain Day: in.
Baro: inHgRain Mon: in.
Trend:Rain Yr: in.
UV: mW/m2Rain Rate: in/hr
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SWFL Weather Radar

Weather Radar and Maps

10 day and Hourly Forecast

Our cape coral weather doppler radar and forecast will help you stay up to date with your area's local weather conditions. The temperature is currently degrees in cape coral fl and the wind is blowing from the at mph on {{ today | niceDate }}. The weather forecast for today is . To view todays weather forecast in cape coral by the hour, please reference the table below.

cape coral, fl

Current Weather
Feels like: °F
Humidity: %
Pressure: in
Wind: mph
Wind Dir:
Rain 24hrs: in
UV Index: ,
Visibility: mi

Right now:
Today's Forecast
Day Forecast Wind Humidity
{{ dailyForecast.validTimeLocal[i] | dayOfWeek }} {{ dailyForecast.validTimeLocal[i] | shortDate }}
{{ dailyForecast.temperatureMax[i] | rounded }}° / {{ dailyForecast.temperatureMin[i] | rounded }}°
{{ dailyForecast.temperatureMin[i] | rounded }}°
{{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].wxPhraseLong[(i+(i+2)-2)] }}
{{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].precipChance[(i+(i+2)-2)] || 0 }}% of precipitation
{{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].windPhrase[(i+(i+2)-2)] }} {{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].windPhrase[1] }} {{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].relativeHumidity[(i+(i+2)-2)] }}% {{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].relativeHumidity[1] }}% view hourly close hourly
{{ hourlyForecast.validTimeLocal[h] | hourOfDay }}
{{ hourlyForecast.temperature[h] | rounded }}°
{{ hourlyForecast.wxPhraseLong[h] }}
{{ hourlyForecast.precipChance[h] }}% of precipitation
{{ hourlyForecast.windDirectionCardinal[h] }} {{ hourlyForecast.windSpeed[h] }} mph {{ hourlyForecast.relativeHumidity[h] }}%

SWFL Live Weather Radio

Press play to listen to the Southwest Florida weather radio forecast.


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