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Would you spend one hour a week on climate action? » Yale Climate Connections

According to polls, only about 1% of Americans have encouraged their local government to prepare for climate change. But over a quarter say they would join such a campaign if they were asked to do so by someone they like and respect.

“So I think on some level, you can interpret that to mean that they haven’t been asked,” says Dr. Eliza Nemser, executive director of Climate Changemakers.

The organization asks people to commit to one hour of action each week.

“Our invitation is, ‘Show up.’ And we welcome people who are brand new to advocacy and seasoned advocates,” Nemser says.

She says the organization provides all the information people need, and they can chat with others in the group throughout the hour.

She says that these hours of action help people make climate action a habit and that working together keeps them inspired. 

“It’s like literally the antidote to the doom and gloom news cycle,” Nemser says.

So by helping people channel their concern into political action, Climate Changemakers aims to build momentum for policies that protect the climate.

Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak/ChavoBart Digital Media

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