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Why it’s so important to stay out of floodwaters » Yale Climate Connections

As spring arrives, so does a higher risk of floods from heavy rain, and every year, dozens of U.S. residents die in flood disasters.

To stay safe during a flood, the most important thing to do is keep far away from the water.

Stay tuned for warnings and evacuation alerts. And if an evacuation order is given, try to disconnect your utilities and appliances before leaving for higher ground.

If you’re driving and encounter a flooded road, do not try to drive through it. Most flood deaths in the U.S. occur in cars.

If you’re at home and water starts pouring into a lower level, move upstairs right away, especially if the water is high enough to reach the electrical outlets.

But only go onto the roof if there is nowhere else to go — and to prevent becoming trapped, never go into a closed attic.

Floodwaters can hide sharp objects, contain toxic chemicals, or cover downed power lines, so it’s important not to wade in the water even when it’s calm.

As the climate keeps warming, many areas will likely see more flooding due to stronger hurricanes and more extreme rain.

So everyone should know how to keep themselves and their families safe before a flood arrives.

Reporting credit: Ethan Freedman / ChavoBart Digital Media

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