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Setting clean energy goals. Pledging to plant billions of trees. Mandating energy efficiency improvements.

Lots of policies can reduce global warming, and it can be hard to know which are the most effective.

So Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative created a free online simulation tool called En-ROADS.

Overend: “To help people understand what policies are available and what kind of impact that they will have in terms of achieving desired climate goals.”

Michael Overend, a volunteer with the nonprofit Citizens Climate Lobby, leads community workshops using En-ROADS.

Users choose from a menu of climate policies, such as charging carbon polluters a fee or subsidizing EV purchases. And they can tweak variables, like the amount charged on a ton of carbon.

The tool provides instant feedback on how those policies would affect global temperature, sea level rise, and other outcomes if they were implemented worldwide.

Overend: “It can be used to spark discussion among our leadership. It can be used to help educate community members.”

And inform action on the path toward a safer future.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy / ChavoBart Digital Media

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