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What caused the wildfires in Canada? » Yale Climate Connections

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As smoke plumes from Canadian wildfires descended on New York City and other parts of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, many wondered if it was part of the “new normal” of climate change. Yale Climate Connections meteorologist Bob Henson joined KXAN, a television station in Austin, Texas, to talk about the smoke event and what climate change means for future wildfires.

Henson noted that the hot, dry spring in Canada that laid the groundwork for these fires is a symptom of climate change. It’s a reminder, he said, that “the weather and climate don’t stop at national borders.” 

Samantha Harrington, director of audience experience for Yale Climate Connections, is a journalist and graphic designer with a background in digital media and entrepreneurship. Sam is especially interested…

Bob Henson is a meteorologist and journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He has written on weather and climate for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Weather Underground, and many freelance…

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