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The Weather Channel launches 24/7 Spanish-language streaming network » Yale Climate Connections

As a hurricane barrels ashore or a raging wildfire races toward homes, it’s vital for people to know what’s happening and how to protect themselves.

But for U.S. residents who do not speak English, information can be hard to come by.

“The lack of timely and accurate information is a big issue for our community … so the team here at the Weather Channel got together, analyzed all these needs and decided, ‘You know what? We need to do something about this,’” says Sussy Ruiz.

Ruiz is editor-in-chief of the Weather Channel en Español, which launched in May. It’s a 24/7, all-Spanish streaming weather network.

It aims to keep U.S. viewers informed in their own language about extreme weather, emergency alerts and services, and how to stay safe.

It’s information that may be particularly vital for those who come from regions where events such as blizzards or tornadoes are rare.

“Many times, weather as we know it here in the United States is not known to us as immigrants or as new arrivals to the country,” Ruiz says.

So as climate change brings more extreme weather, the Weather Channel en Español aims to keep the country’s growing Latino population informed and safe.

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Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media

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