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The time to build a disaster kit is now » Yale Climate Connections

In today’s world, it’s usually easy to buy whatever you need when you need it.

But as climate change causes more extreme weather, there may be times when it’s not safe to leave your home or times when you need to leave, fast. So it’s important to have a disaster supply kit ready.

At, the federal government provides a list of basic items that everyone should have in a disaster supply kit.

Some are like packing for a camping trip: water, medicine, first-aid kit, change of clothes, flashlight, extra batteries, and food for several days.

Other items are more disaster-specific: dust masks to filter polluted air, a wrench to turn off utilities, a fire extinguisher, paper maps in case the internet is down, a battery-powered radio, and copies of important documents in a waterproof container.

It’s not enough to have these items lying around the house. It’s best to assemble them in an easy-to-grab bag or box. And review what’s inside every few months so you can replace any expired items.

You may also want to consider preparing multiple disaster kits so you can keep one at home, one in your car, and one at work. So no matter where you are when an emergency hits, you have the essentials you need to stay safe.

Reporting credit: London Lyle / ChavoBart Digital Media

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