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The ‘Climate Action Handbook’ is a guide to protecting the climate » Yale Climate Connections

Many everyday choices — like washing your clothes in cold instead of hot water — are an opportunity to help reduce carbon pollution.

A new book called “The Climate Action Handbook” gives people 100 ways to improve their habits at home and champion climate solutions in their communities.

Roop: “The premise for the book was that every action matters because we need everyone doing what they can and what they’re good at.”

Author Heidi Roop says that as a climate scientist, she’s spent a lot of time talking about the problem, but she did not always have a good answer for people who asked her what to do about it.

Roop: “And so the Climate Action Handbook is an attempt to try to answer that question, to invite as many people in as possible to see themselves as part of the solution.”

The guide provides lots of ideas — like eating more plant-based meals, choosing slower shipping for deliveries, voting in every election, and supporting youth climate activists.

The ideas are accompanied by striking illustrations that help readers understand what they can do and why it makes a difference.

Roop: “Coming up with the list was really my own learning process to say what are the ways, big and small, that all matter, that we can show up and make climate a part of the decisions that we make every day?”

Reporting credit: Shannon Young / ChavoBart Digital Media

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