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Summer camp teaches kids about climate solutions » Yale Climate Connections

This week, a group of young people are attending an overnight camp in Nevada County, California. They’ll sleep in cabins and spend time outside. But instead of traditional camp activities, these kids will focus on climate change.

“And not looking at it as so much of a crisis that paralyzes us, but as a movement that brings hope and a feeling of collective caring,” Teresa Langness says.

Langness is the education chair for Nevada County Climate Action Now and board president of the nonprofit Full Circle Learning. The two groups have sponsored the Climate Change Agents Camp since 2014.

Each year, campers learn about climate solutions through field trips and projects. And they use what they’ve learned to help the community.

“I remember some sweet moments where you see a boy … who’s teaching people who’ve been displaced in the Paradise fire breathing techniques to deal with their PTSD,” Langness says.

She says the camp empowers young people to make a difference.

“You see the students really taking to heart what they’ve learned and understanding that their next goal now is to be the leaders of their generation in improving the lives of real people,” she says.

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Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media

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