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Snowmobiles don’t have to be noisy and polluting » Yale Climate Connections

Skiers and snowboarders often head to the mountains to enjoy the peace and serenity of a snowy landscape.

A noisy snowmobile can disturb the mood and spew gas fumes and carbon pollution.

So Taos Ski Valley Resort in New Mexico has started using electric snowmobiles.

Boulware: “We have set a goal to be carbon net zero by 2030 … and replacing internal combustion vehicles with EVs in our fleet is a critical piece of that.”

Dawn Boulware is vice president of social and environmental responsibility for Taos Ski Valley. This season, the resort introduced nine fully electric snowmobiles — almost a third of its fleet.

And they’re planning to add more as their older gas-powered models reach the end of their lives.

The vehicles are used to make lift repairs, transport injured skiers, and for daily trail and mountain maintenance.

Boulware: “They’ve been operating well, and our teams really appreciate … that they’re quieter and there’s no smell to them, which means our teams and our guests breathe easier around them.”

So electric snowmobiles are helping to reduce the resort’s climate impact and maintain a quiet and healthy environment for skiers and staff.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy / ChavoBart Digital Media

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