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Simple energy-saving tips for winter » Yale Climate Connections

In many parts of the country, winter is a time for curling up by a crackling fire, bundling up for a snowy walk … and paying some hefty energy bills.

“In a typical home … heating and cooling accounts for over 50% of annual energy usage,” says Amy Brown, the education program manager at Energy Outreach Colorado, a nonprofit.

She says there are some fairly simple ways to cut back on energy use during the winter without compromising comfort.

“We always tell people the best way you can reduce energy is by turning down that thermostat when you are away or asleep,” she says.

Weatherstripping around doors, caulking windows, and adding insulation can reduce both drafts and the energy needed to keep your home warm.

“Adding insulation in your attics or sometimes in your walls or floors even can do a lot to keep that heat in,” Brown says.

And she suggests taking advantage of the sun, even on a chilly day.

“In Colorado, we really recommend … opening those blinds, opening the curtains during the heat of the day,” she says.

So by taking a few energy-saving steps, homeowners can save money and reduce climate-warming pollution.

Reporting credit: Richa Malhotra/ChavoBart Digital Media

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