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Palm Island, Englewood and Boca Grande Fishing Reports

With the winter winds bringing cold air down from the north, our winter season has started early this year. 

When our inshore water temperature drops under 70 degrees, our inshore fishing changes. We put up our live bait rods, and break out the Jiggs!!! Jigging the bay for pompano, can be some really fun fishing, that can produce some excellent table faire. Pompano are typically found on our beach front, traversing the passes and sand bars. But, when the big north blows happen, and the water temperature drops, they move inshore!!! We concentrate our efforts on the sandy bottom channels that make up the bay, and use a solid drifting technique to maximize our coverage as we search for schools. The by-catch is but not limited to: trout, flounder, jacks, bluefish, mackerel, and my favorite, the “lovely Lady” fish!!!

Because winter has come early, and the pompano are in the bay, it’s an fantastic time to go fishing in South West Florida!!!

Capt. Mike Slattery

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