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Online marketplace helps companies buy solar energy from underinvested communities » Yale Climate Connections

When corporations decide to transition to clean energy, they rarely power their operations directly with wind or solar generated on site. Instead, they often pay for renewable energy that’s generated elsewhere and fed to the electric grid.

That renewable electricity often comes from big solar and wind farms.

But Dana Clare Redden, founder of Solar Stewards, saw an opportunity for companies to meet their renewable energy goals by supporting small solar projects installed at community institutions instead so the revenue can benefit those groups.

“We’re talking about community centers. We’re talking about local schools. We’re talking about places of worship,” Redden says.

Her business developed an online marketplace where companies can buy solar power generated in underinvested communities.

“So what we do is aggregate those opportunities into a modicum of scale and showcase the value of these community-centered projects to corporate buyers who are very much interested in making sure that their climate and carbon reduction strategy is equitable,” Redden says.

She says the approach can help make sure that corporate climate action brings financial benefit to communities where it can make a meaningful difference.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media

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