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Northern Minnesota couple stays warm with help from heat pumps » Yale Climate Connections

Winters in northern Minnesota can be frigid. But at Michael Overend’s home near Duluth, heat pumps keep things toasty warm, even in subzero temperatures.

Overend: “We have heated our home with air-source heat pumps now for the last two winters, and they’ve done great.”

Heat pumps are highly efficient, so they help reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling. And they run on electricity, which can be provided by clean, renewable sources of energy.

Heat pumps have been common in the southern U.S. for decades. But they were rare up north because in the past they did not work as well in the very cold.

But the technology has now advanced and is capable of providing reliable heating, even in a Minnesota winter.

To save energy and reduce the demand on his heat pumps in such a cold climate, Overend also made efficiency upgrades to his house. He installed new insulation, siding, and windows to eliminate drafts.

He and his wife hope to inspire others to invest in reducing their homes’ environmental impact.

Overend: “And we need as many people as possible to say this is a great opportunity, so we’re trying to use our home as an example to our community and … we’re trying to spread the word as much as we can.”

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy / ChavoBart Digital Media

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