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Naples & Marco Island Fishing Report

Absolutely a killer week of inshore fishing in the Naples and Marco Island area . Finally we got a good stretch of weather with highs in the 80s. This warm weather brings gulf temperatures up and gets our game, fish active.  We have been catching good numbers of snook and trout on the outside points where there is good current flow. We have been using live pilchards that I’ve been castnetting on the offshore rock piles. One really good tip and trick is if you notice these bats can sometimes out swim the fish you are targeting.

What I like to do on these bigger baits is get my scissors and trim their tails . This makes your bait slower and unable to dodge a hard strike . If our weather continues to be in the upper 80s, our gulf temperatures will remain in the upper 70s and this will bring on our first push of Tarpon just off our beaches. It’s getting close to that time of year where our fishery will be action packed with all gamefish on our target list . What a great time to get out and enjoy this great playground we have. C U on the water !!!!!

Capt. Tim Daugherty
(239) 280-8138

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