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Naples & Marco Island Fishing Report

Outstanding weather has settled into south Florida and it has the fishing on fire . The Naples and Marco island inshore fishing continues to produce a variety of inshore species. Snook are still at the top of our hit list .  Now that the weather is cooler , I am concentrating on the creeks and bays & looking for current or slight drop offs on a shoreline .

Once I have found an area that has the “recipe”(an area that looks good ) I camp out for a few mins and chum heavy to see who’s home and who is hungry . If after 15min we get no action then it’s time to shuffle down to another spot and repeat process till we land on them .  What’s  been great is most of our game fish tend to hang out with eachother so you never know what you’re going to hook into on any given cast .  

The sea trout bite has been picking up as it usually does when the water temps drop .   We are also finding some pompano mixed in while jigging for these trout &  both are great fish to take home for the grill .  With winter just around the corner, Look for cold fronts to start getting more frequent .  All this means is gulf water temps will drop and we will start to change up our fishing tactics. Hope to see yahll on the water !!!!!

Capt. Tim Daugherty
(239) 280-8138

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