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Naples & Marco Island Fishing Report

Cooler temps are finally making there way down to south Florida so time to dial into the winter fishery . When our inshore water temps in the Naples and Marco island areas drop into the 60s it’s time to switch from live bait to jigs. Our game fish have already started to make there way into the creeks and deep backcountry where the darker colored water plus the darker bottom will warm up faster during these cooler days .  I like to fish these low incoming tides, where I know fish will be piled up in the deeper holes and shore lines with current .  I like A DOA 3in paddle tail paired up to a 1/4oz jig head lathered up with some pro cute shrimp sauce will surely get these chilly fish to come out and grab it.

Also another very productive way to winter fish is to catch you 6 or so lady fish and chunk them up into pieces and skip them up close to the bushes . It’s a waiting game but if there are fish in the area they will smell those chunks sitting on the bottom & come in for an easy meal.   Look for these cold fronts to start coming our way just about every few weeks. In between these fronts , when our weather stabilizes is a great time to be on the water getting after it !!!!’
happy holidays!!!

Capt. Tim Daugherty
(239) 280-8138

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