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Naples & Marco Island Fishing Report

After a week of record rain in the Naples and Marco island areas , we are right back into some great inshore fishing action.  Snook have been prevalent on the beaches, around the passes and outside islands.  If you’re looking for a great exciting bite get up early ( first light ) and throw some Top water plugs(skitter walk or Zara spooks).   Any shoreline that has standing birds or small baitfish schooling is a great place to start.  

Stay as far off the shoreline as you can and work your plugs about halfway between you and the boat and repeat process. This is a great method, not only to enjoy a great bite, but it’s also a great way to locate fish quickly.  There’s also been some nice redfish hanging around the deeper shorelines on the higher incoming tides. A well placed cast close to the bushes with ensure you get that hard strike . Look for our weather pattern to continue, great fishing in the morning and late afternoon thunderstorms. Get out and get yah some !!!!!

Capt. Tim Daugherty
(239) 280-8138

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