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Moms push Massachusetts utilities to transition to renewable heat sources » Yale Climate Connections

In Massachusetts, a group of moms is calling on the state’s utilities to help consumers transition from natural gas to clean sources of heat. They say that continuing to use fossil fuels is bad for the climate and people’s health.

“The future of our children is at stake, the future of our planet,” says Kathleen Scanlon of Brookline, Massachusetts. “And it’s very hard to sit back and do nothing as mothers. We want to protect our children. We want to protect all of life here on Earth.”

Scanlon is part of Mothers Out Front, a nationwide group pushing for climate solutions.

Last November, Mothers Out Front delivered more than 3,000 postcards to Massachusetts utilities from customers who wrote in support of the group’s ‘Future of Clean Heat’ platform.

The platform demands that the utilities make plans to help buildings run entirely on renewable electricity. It calls for subsidies that make electric heat pumps affordable for all. And it asks for more investment in large-scale geothermal heating and cooling systems instead of natural gas pipelines.

“There’s all kinds of new proven technologies that we are more than ready to start implementing, and the market needs to catch up,” Scanlon says.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media

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