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Miami Beach will soon have an underwater sculpture park » Yale Climate Connections

Soon snorkelers and divers off the coast of Miami Beach might find a sculpture that looks like a traffic jam underwater.

Caminos: “It’s a traffic jam of 22 cars — kind of like a cataclysmic image of what … carbon is doing to our planet.”

Ximena Caminos is the founder of The ReefLine, a seven-mile-long underwater sculpture park and artificial reef.

The project is a joint effort of scientists and artists with installation starting this summer.

Other sculptures in the underwater park will include a replica of a blue whale heart and a series of starfish.

These installations will provide a place for corals to grow, and they’ll attract fish and other marine life. So they’ll become thriving reef communities.

Coral reefs around the world face threats from development, beach dredging, and climate change.

So Caminos hopes The ReefLine park will provide new habitat — and become a destination that gets the public thinking about climate change and other threats to the ocean.

Caminos: “Art … has a unique capacity to tap into emotions, to tap into public sentiment, to stimulate curiosity, to tell a much more compelling story.”

… that could help focus attention on the climate crisis.

Reporting credit: Ethan Freedman / ChavoBart Digital Media

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