Lee County Florida Weather Doppler Radar

Our Cape Weather doppler radar and forecast will help you stay up to date with your area's local weather conditions. It is currently degrees in cape coral, fl on {{ today | niceDate }}. The weather forecast for today is . To view todays weather forecast by the hour, please reference the table below.

cape coral, fl

Current Conditions
Feels like: °F
Humidity: %
Pressure: in
Today's Forecast
Day Forecast Wind Humidity
{{ dailyForecast.validTimeLocal[i] | dayOfWeek }} {{ dailyForecast.validTimeLocal[i] | shortDate }}
{{ dailyForecast.temperatureMax[i] | rounded }}° / {{ dailyForecast.temperatureMin[i] | rounded }}°
{{ dailyForecast.temperatureMin[i] | rounded }}°
{{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].wxPhraseLong[(i+(i+2)-2)] }}
{{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].precipChance[(i+(i+2)-2)] || 0 }}% of precipitation
{{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].windPhrase[(i+(i+2)-2)] }} {{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].windPhrase[1] }} {{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].relativeHumidity[(i+(i+2)-2)] }}% {{ dailyForecast.daypart[0].relativeHumidity[1] }}% view hourly close hourly
{{ hourlyForecast.validTimeLocal[h] | hourOfDay }}
{{ hourlyForecast.temperature[h] | rounded }}°
{{ hourlyForecast.wxPhraseLong[h] }}
{{ hourlyForecast.precipChance[h] }}% of precipitation
{{ hourlyForecast.windDirectionCardinal[h] }} {{ hourlyForecast.windSpeed[h] }} mph {{ hourlyForecast.relativeHumidity[h] }}%

Lee County Weather Doppler Radar Tips

The information below can be used as a guide for the current Lee County weather doppler weather radar map loop.

  • Radar is set to automatically start playing on page load.
  • Radar is automatically set to display weather warnings, statements and advisories.
  • Detailed information can be retrieved directly on the map by clicking the highlighted alert.
  • Future radar mode can be enabled on the bottom left (+7 hours).
  • Geo-locate can be identified on the bottom left for mobile users (Locations).
  • Additional layers and features are located in the “Layers” menu (bottom right).
  • Weather radar is fixed on Lee County but can be panned /zoomed to different locations.
  • Cities include Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Pine Island. All of Lee County, Florida.
  • Doppler radar / satellite mode set to update an image every 15 minutes.
  • Switching to radar only mode in the layers menu will update the image every 5 minutes.