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How to prepare for an evacuation » Yale Climate Connections

When hurricanes or wildfires strike, it’s important to be able to evacuate quickly. Having a plan in place ahead of time can make all the difference.

Before an emergency hits, sign up for text message alerts from your local emergency management office so you get information in real-time.

When extreme weather is predicted, pack a bag with essential items, such as medications and important documents. And make sure your car is fully charged or gassed up.

If you don’t have a car, check with your local emergency management office about how people who use public transit should evacuate during a crisis.

And look up the planned evacuation routes for your community and identify the route you’ll take and where you plan to stay. You may need to call ahead to identify locations that are pet-friendly or accessible for people with disabilities.

When the disaster comes, cell towers may be damaged or the network overwhelmed, making it difficult to stay in touch by phone. So take the time now to identify where and how you’ll meet up with your family during a crisis. And decide who will pick up kids or elderly parents.

Having a plan in place now can help keep everyone safe during a wildfire or weather disaster.

Reporting credit: Shannon Young/ChavoBart Digital Media

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