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How climate change is affecting Africa » Yale Climate Connections

The continent of Africa is more than large enough to hold three USAs, including Hawaii and Alaska. With its 54 countries, it trails only Asia in area and population. Though people living in Africa have contributed little to the problem, in every scenario with more than 1.5°C warming, their continent is the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. 

Yet these effects remain seriously underreported in English-language Western news. Google Africa climate change or Africa climate action and nearly every link will be to an institution of some sort (U.N., WMO, IMF, Brookings, USAID, IPCC, and so on) rather than to a newspaper or magazine article. That is true for pieces about weather and climate, humanitarian crises, and stories about Africans leading on climate solutions. 

Such stories do exist, though, and here is a sampler.

The big picture: 

Cyclones on the east coast:

Drought and famine in the Horn of Africa:

West Africa:

Water woes in North Africa:

News site and podcast, focus on East Africa:

Explorations of climate solutions:

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