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FEMA to distribute $1 billion to underserved, climate-vulnerable communities » Yale Climate Connections

As climate disasters get worse, the federal government is working to ensure that the people who are most vulnerable get the support they need.

Salinas: “What we’re seeing is that more and more communities are dealing with the impacts and consequences of climate change, and that impact is falling disproportionately on underserved and disadvantaged communities.”

Victoria Salinas is with FEMA. Last fall, the agency identified almost 500 census districts across the country as Community Disaster Resilience Zones.

These zones are found in all 50 states and were chosen based on the communities’ exposure to climate-related hazards and socioeconomic vulnerability.

This year, FEMA will distribute a billion dollars in grants to support resilience projects — such as upgrading stormwater systems or managing forests to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Disaster Resilience Zones have priority for this funding, and FEMA will cover a larger share of a project’s cost in these communities.

Salinas: “So that’s a big benefit, because it means they’re able to accomplish what they want to do for their community with more federal support.”

So the program aims to help the communities most vulnerable to climate change have the resources they need to prepare.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy / ChavoBart Digital Media

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