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Thinking about climate change is no fun. Indeed, it can be downright painful. But as climate disasters grow more obvious and immediate, the topic keeps getting harder to ignore. So many of us need to cope again and again with uncomfortable emotions. 

Here are some especially useful perspectives and tools for this recurring and important task. 

On coping when we feel bad:

Anger, sadness, guilt, hope: on the complex emotions of climate change. Hannah Ritchie, Sustainability by Numbers (newsletter). Subhead: “It’s perfectly normal to cycle through a range of emotions when it comes to climate change.”

Climate change is scary. This therapist says lean into those feelings. Ariella Cook-Shonkoff, Grist. Subhead: “Too many people are avoiding climate reality. A professional offers 6 ways to stay engaged — for the planet and for our mental health.” 

How to embrace despair in the age of climate change. Britt Wray, Wired. Subhead: “It’s tempting to think that activism is the cure for eco-anxiety. But it’s no substitute for emotional resilience and community.” 

Eco-anxiety: how to cope at a time of climate crisis. Sacha Wright and Emily Osterloff, Natural History Museum, London.

Climate change causing a sense of despair? Here are some ways to combat it. John Yang and Andrew Corkery, PBS, video (8:42) interview with climate psychology therapist Leslie Davenport.

Can climate conversations be a solution? Katherine Rapin, Yes! Magazine. Subhead: “Talking about climate change is more important than you may think.”

On balancing our thinking:

We can’t afford to be climate doomers. Rebecca Solnit, The Guardian. Subhead: “It often seems that people are searching harder for evidence we’re defeated than that we can win.”

The difficult necessity of claiming climate victories. Chris Turner, The Globe and Mail.

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