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‘Drive Electric Earth Day’ events celebrate electric cars » Yale Climate Connections

This month, in honor of Earth Day, electric car enthusiasts across the country are holding ride-and-drive events, electric vehicle parades, and other events to encourage people to go electric.

“These events celebrate both the significance and wide-ranging benefits of electric vehicles – so obviously the financial benefits, the experience of driving a zero-emission vehicle, thinking about the public health impacts,” says Shelley Francis, co-executive director of EV Hybrid Noire, one of the organizations behind the annual ‘Drive Electric Darth Day’ campaign. “So we bring together public officials, policymakers, local media, and the general public to, you know, really touch, feel, experience these vehicles for themselves.”

Francis says that at many of the events, prospective car buyers can meet electric vehicle owners in their communities – people they can relate to and trust. They can kick the tires of an electric vehicle, or even take one for a spin.

“You know, drive down the street, run your route that you usually take when you’re doing your errands, and experience what that feels like,” Francis says.

She hopes the experience inspires more people to buy their own electric vehicles.

“They’re awesome. They are so much fun to drive,” she says.

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Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media

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