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Odds are good that if you are reading these words, you have experienced a heat wave this summer – or, if not, then in another recent summer. These events have indeed been growing more intense in recent years, and they result from more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – or, as one might say in an everyday conversation, from climate change.

You have certainly also read and heard about these heat events. Those collected here include both especially good summaries of the basic facts with their many ramifications, and some especially vivid accounts of the experience of living through them. Future features in this series will focus on other aspects of high heat, including its effects on human health.

Dates are 2022 unless otherwise noted.

Begin with this: Extreme heat around the world in videos, photos and graphics, Matt Fidler, Maheen Sadiq, and Glenn Swann, The Guardian.

In North America:

In the U.K. and Europe:

In Asia:

In Siberia, 2020:

In the southern hemisphere:

In the eastern hemisphere:

In the world’s oceans:

On the science of connected heatwaves:

This series is curated and written by retired Colorado State University English professor and close climate change watcher SueEllen Campbell of Colorado. To flag works you think warrant attention, send an e-mail to her any time. Let us hear from you. 

SueEllen Campbell created and for over a decade curated the website “100 Views of Climate Change,” a multidisciplinary collection of pieces accessible to interested non-specialists. She is especially interested…

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