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Atlanta rebate program helps low-income residents buy e-bikes » Yale Climate Connections

Whether you’re paying off a car loan, spending money on gas, or buying public transit passes, the cost of transportation can add up quickly.

So riding an electric bike on short commutes could help you save money. But Roz Tucker of the Atlanta Regional Commission says the upfront cost of an e-bike is too expensive for many low-income households.

So her agency has teamed up with the city of Atlanta and a local nonprofit to offer residents rebates on new e-bikes.

Tucker: “And that includes an individual e-bike or a cargo bike, should they have a family or children that they need to also move around throughout the day.”

People who make 80% or less of the area’s median household income will be eligible to receive up to $1,500 off an e-bike or $2,000 off an electric cargo bike.

Tucker: “They could potentially have all of the costs for their e-bike covered.”

And recipients will not have to front the money and wait for a reimbursement or tax credit. They’ll receive a code that they can give to a participating bike shop to receive the discount right away.

So the program will help more low-income Atlanta residents enjoy this affordable and climate-friendly way of getting around town.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media

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