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All-electric skyscraper nears completion in Brooklyn » Yale Climate Connections

In downtown Brooklyn, a new skyscraper is nearing completion.

The 44-story building has more than 400 apartments, retail space, a gym and yoga studio, a rooftop pool, and more than 200 bicycle parking spots. But it does not have any gas lines.

The building is New York City’s first all-electric skyscraper — with electric induction stovetops, electric heat-pump dryers, and all-electric heat throughout the building.

Della Valle: “We’re hoping that by leading by example, our industry peers will come along with us.”

Jared Della Valle is the CEO of Alloy, the development company behind the project. He says relying on efficient electrical systems is cleaner and better for the climate.

And the benefits of electrifying buildings will grow as more of the power on the grid comes from renewable sources, like solar and wind.

The Brooklyn skyscraper is also designed to minimize the demand for energy, with triple pane windows, and heavily insulated walls, so less heat escapes to the outside.

Della Valle: “Our perspective, certainly, is that we have an obligation as architects and developers to instigate change … and to show what’s possible. And the technology is now with us such that we can make this change.”

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy / ChavoBart Digital Media

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